At Kuwait Sotheby’s International Realty, our focus is real estate, financial and professional services.

Our focus is to provide family offices and international investors with outstanding property advisory services.

We behave as investment counsellors for residential acquisitions, offering the same degree of detailed financial underwriting that is usually produced to evaluate commercial or multi-family assets. We also provide sellers of properties that meet our valuation standards with direct access to clients in the Gulf.

IInvesting in urban centers, especially during this era of large-scale development has become complicated. Our role at Kuwait SIR is to evaluate the opportunities and risks in different markets, in order to help offices, families, and individual investors successfully navigate around the real estate investments.

We are investment analysts that work in the luxury sector. We don’t have realestate brokers. We have investment analysts who are trained to evaluate acquisitions of real estate properties and provide commercial level underwriting.


We are not real estate agents. We are trained investment analysts who provide strategies based on research and data. Our goal is wealth preservation and we do not engage in high risk investments.

Our Acquisitions team provides buyers of luxury real estate insight into markets of interest working alongside local affiliates to provide the best opportunities.

The role of our team is to offer proper and in-depth knowledge of the proposed investment, develop negotiation strategies, and take into account all market factors to make a successful acquisition.

Kuwait SIR assists family offices in the Gulf to manage all aspects of acquisitions and divestitures beyond what marketing firms provide.